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Robert de Nijs | interior architects stands for diversity in advice, proceeding with your personal wishes and possibilities in mind. In line with our signature, we strive for the interior which is tailored to you in every aspect. Our criterion is an interior interpreted into your requirements. You can turn to us for major or minor advice for the living or office, as well as hotels, yachts, etc. Whether an extensive rebuilding of your property, or simply furnishing, or providing creative ideas, you can expect a dependable interior solution. Next to total projects, we are active in advice for other areas such as, creating space, choosing furnishings and fabrics, selecting colour and lighting. We also provide furnishing, lighting and electrical plans for your kitchen and bathroom. At your request, apart from the creative task and necessart drafting work, we can oversee and supervise your project. You have only one central contact point and are assured of an efficient approach. On your behalf, we maintain all contacts with, i.e. contractors, painters and electricians. We also consult with specialists in various areas concerning choices of, for example, cabinet-makers, work and carpentry, lighting and electricity, visual and sound planning and eventual art, antique and decoration elements. We offer you a diverse selection of renowned furniture designs from collections of international houses. We collaborate with seasons galleries for advice on modern and contemporary art.

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Seasons Galleries for advice on modern / contemporary art